Youth Mongolia Guesthouse

An Asian style Youth Mongolia guesthouse is located in the center of the capital city. They are clean and their prices are much cheaper compared to other guesthouses in Ulaanbaatar.

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Location. Location. Location. Youth Mongolia guest house is right to the convenient food market in Ulaanbaatar (25 meters away). You will get to experience Russian style building, door no. 67, 1st floor 5th entrance, building 14-b.

They do not have too many beds in their rooms which is a major plus for travelers who tend to snore without control.

They offer 3 types of rooms. Double room. This room, which costs 9$ per person per night, is dedicated to couples. Dorm-like room which has 4 beds. It costs 7$ per person per night. Group of guests room has 6 beds and costs 5$ per person per night.

Free breakfast, kitchen facilities, 24-hour hot shower, locker for your valuable things, TV, computers and cooking facilities. One or two staff always there to assist you. Free city tour. Free guiding. (Gandan, main monastery, National History museum, Mongol costumes museum and Zaisan, a memorial hill).

But not everything is free, they organize trips Mongolia tourist attractions and sites such as GOBI desert, KHUVSGUL blue lake, KHARAKHORUM ancient capital and TERELJ wonderful nature and cattle breeder life and information about tourist attractions.

Also, they can help you with your visas (extension of Mongolian visa, Chinese visa), airline and train ticket order or confirmation.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask

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